All-In-One Real Estate Marketing System Slashes Costs and Comes Loaded with Tools!

Agents using this system and marketing bundle are saving up to 85% off their monthly tech subscription costs while boosting their lead generation with a stunning range of awesome marketing tools!

Full System Run-Through in the Video Below

See the actual system features including; Social Media Ads Manager, Lead Generation Funnels, CRM and Pipeline Manager, eMail Marketing, Text Messaging, Reputation Management, Online Design Studio with 1000s of templates, Websites and Landing Pages, Individual Property Websites, Newsletter Builder, Appointment Scheduler, Mobile App, Surveys and Forms, 24/7 Tech Support

Access the system and tech tools that top agents use to generate more leads on autopilot while eliminating excessive monthly expenses

For the very first time, a tech platform exists that delivers everything you need and nothing you don't. Neatly packaged into one platform and mobile app, the RealAds digital marketing system is working 24/7 to attract, nurture and convert more leads to listings and sales.

Combines Everything You Need In One Platform

No contracts

24/7 Expert Tech Support

Automate your agency with more business-boosting features than you can shake a stick at!

CRM + Pipeline Management

Attract, nurture and convert leads listings and sales with real estate's most advanced and easy-to-use CRM which keeps all your contacts and conversations in one place to quickly find and message or call

Social Media Ads Manager

Tired of trying to navigate Facebook's Ads Manager? So are we! This feature brilliantly shortcuts and simplifies the entire process and lets you create and post ads to multiple platforms in minutes

Done-For-You Sales Funnels For Every Niche

Your a real estate agent, NOT an IT developer! We build out your landing pages and funnels in various niche markets to drive more traffic your way.

Surveys + Forms

Surveys are the new way to engage your contacts and illustrate your local market knowledge and authority. The RealAds platform offers a bunch of survey and online form options

Powerful eMail Marketing

Unleash the power of effective email marketing! Your funnels send new contacts to your CRM database and RealAds makes sending bulk or individual emails a breeze.

2-Way Text Messaging

So nobody wants to use their phone for a call any more and everyone wants to text! That's okay because this 2-way messaging feature is now the gold standard and it's included right here as a feature.

24/7 Tech Support

Yes, the RealAds System is easy to use but of course, there's a learning curve. That's why our tech support team are available for global service service around the clock to help with any questions or troubleshoot any issue.

Individual Property Websites

This is a HUGE listing tool! Sellers LOVE it when their listing is featured and promoted with its own domain. All buyer (and potential seller) inquiries come straight into the system.

Websites + Landing Pages

Create unlimited websites and landing pages for any niche in your business from hundreds of attractive and fully responsive pre-built templates or just hire a VA to do it for you!

Appointment Scheduler

We customize your own Appointment Booking link so all you need to do is send it out to set up a call with your contact. It will eve link to a free Zoom account and set up a Zoom screen call for a face-to-face meeting

Workflow Automations

  • Triggers

Set up your workflow automations and triggers for different reasons and outcomes. This unique feature plays a big part in generating leads on autopilot.

Reputation Management

This in-system feature lets you message clients and contacts to request a five star review, which is automatically posted to your Google Business Profile to improve your search ranking and increase online leads

Online Design studio

Opting in for this feature means we set you up with a free account at Access thousands of templates and create state-of-the-art marketing for EVERYTHING in your business

Ad Testing + Analytics

This powerful tool quickly lets you see what ads are working and also test one ad against another. These are essential metrics for every cost-conscious agent and business

Brilliant Mobile App

Access all your tasks, calendar, reputation management and contacts from your smart phone contacts plus call or message your contacts direct from the app.

Missed Call Text Back

When you're on a call and another call is coming through, the RealAds system immediately messages the caller to let them know you received their call and will be calling them straight back

Stunning eMail Newsletter Templates

Choose from hundreds of professionally designed HTML newsletter templates or start from scratch and build your own with your colors, look and feel

Concierge done-for-you service

Got a big project or just want to get everything set up in your new account? Ask us about our concierge service where our experienced team does it all for you

Web Chat Website Widget

Seriously boost the chances of connecting with more of your website visitors with our Web Chat Widget installed straight onto your website and connected to your mobile app

Regular Coaching Sessions

Access our training portal and join our community to connect with like-minded agents on a mission. Attend regular training events from the comfort of your home or place of business. We bring the best to you!

Vast Resource Library

The best scripts, strategies, ideas, mini-courses, recorded webinars, instructional videos and resources are available 24/7 from your laptop, PC or smartphone ..and we're always adding fresh content to the library






Emails + Text

Messages Sent


Digital Assets



Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a contract?

Not with the monthly membership. We also offer a 12 month subscription for the price of 10 which naturally commits you for 12 months

I already have a CRM. Why do I need RealAds?

RealAds is a marketing CRM designed to run alongside your current system if you LOVE it ...or replace it if you don't. The RealAds system is a dedicated digital marketing platform that (unlike other CRMs) delivers full funnel features and capabilities being: Dedicated marketing via social media, lead forms and landing pages plus automated 'drip' follow-up email and text campaigns. Different systems offer different features. Take a look at the features listed above and compare with your current system. If your current CRM can do everything the RealAds system does, why would you change?

How do I know what package is right for me?

If you're confused or uncertain about which RealAds bundled package will suit you best, let's jump on a call. That way we can assess where you are right now, your goals and challenges and what RealAds system features will benefit you the fastest

Do I need to use all the features immediately? Can I install features over time?

Of course! There are no deadlines ...and the tech support team are available 24/7 to help you explore and access new features. You can also upgrade or downgrade any time.

How does the onboarding procedure work?

When you join RealAds as a new subscriber, we send you an online form for you to complete that sends us the specific information and assets we need to build your fully customized account. Once this is done, the onboarding team will connect and set up a time to show you around your new platform and complete tasks including setting up your Social Media Ads Manager, your Web Chat Website Widget, your Appointment Booking Scheduler and configuring your email and SMS marketing.

New technology does my head in ...will I be able to drive this beast?

The best technology is also the easiest to use. Naturally the RealAds platform will be new to you and there's a learning curve but it's worth the effort in terms of extra leads, listings and sales. We start by getting you the tools you need the most and build from there. There are no deadlines. We want you to try stuff and make mistakes but please know, our world class 24/7 support experts are here to help. This is doable and together we'll help you make it happen. You'll be a total pro in no time at all 😎

Businesses using this platform





Conversations generated
by the system


"The system is the solution"

Ray Kroc. The Founder at McDonalds


Ryan Coulter

The Agency, Perth Western Australia

"The RealAds System has been a total game changer for my business. It gives me EVERYTHING in the one place for a fraction of what it would cost to use these tools as separate software subscriptions and the mobile app is my business in my pocket"


Trent Pool

McGrath Estate Agents, Noosa Heads Qld Australia

"I've been waiting for an all-in-one system that combines all the tech marketing software we need these days to run a competitive real estate business ...and RealAds is it! I've been able to switch off a number of subscriptions and save heaps plus access cool new tools that help us every day"


Richard Pearce

Barfoots, Auckland New Zealand

"I have to say, the RealAds support team are amazing.
I had some issues with my email at the start and the team followed up with me to make sure everything was working correctly. I have never experienced such great support. Keep up the good work'


Shane Coote

Ray White. Auckland’s North Shore, New Zealand

"I recently completed Ray's Mastermind and it was fantastic. Ray's knowledge and experience
were so valuable to us! We have grown by another 6 team members since starting
the Mastermind and have refined systems and developed ideas as a result of the time spent with Ray and Trent and the other business owners. Thanks Ray!"


Troy Kincaid

Richardsons, Colac Victoria Australia

“Listings and sales have tripled since we started using the Real estate funnel System. In the six months one funnel helped us win 24 listings with seller leads coming in on autopilot direct from our landing page …no more cold calling”


Jason Leary

Upper Coomera, Qld Australia

“Our lead generation funnels are gold and generate regular leads. In fact the real estate funnels system saves us so much time. One funnel and automated form recently brought in 116 offers in one day!”

The RealAds Story

If you'd like a complimentary eBook edition of my two latest eBooks, Digital Mayor and Real Estate Funnel$ ...Let me know and I'll send you the download links

This morning, someone in your area woke up and decided to call in an agent to get their place on the market. Our job at RealAds is to make sure the agents we work with received that call.

Hello. I'm Ray Wood. My real estate marketing journey started with a book called ‘How To Sell Your Home For More’

Long story short, I self-published 'How To Sell' and started offering free copies to property owners in my area (the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia)

We launched our real estate business at a difficult time and competition was off the charts! I studied every marketing expert I could find and quickly realized that good marketing would be the difference between struggling and sustained success.

So I set out in search of a unique selling proposition that would set me apart from the hundreds of other agents who were all pitching for business in my area, and focussed on the three things that every seller wants which is 1. a top price (above asking if possible) 2. a sale in a reasonable time (at or less than average days on market) and 3. a rewarding real estate experience.

Real estate is one of those rare things that has no recommended retail price so if you're selling a property, wouldn't you want to hire an agent with a track record for exceptionally good market results and deliriously happy clients?

After making a few tweaks, my book marketing ‘experiment’ worked and I started to build an ever-growing pipeline of potential sellers.

The word ‘Funnel’ (used to describe a sequence of client relationship nurture and conversion strategies) wasn’t even a thing back then like it is today but that’s what I did.

I soon realized that not everyone I connected with was selling straight away and even if a listing opportunity was a year or three down the road, I had to become totally awesome at keeping in touch with valuable content marketing and exceptional follow up.

I also realized that the public think all real estate agents are the same so this was my opportunity to shine, and stand out from the crowd.

My USP was the title of my book: 'How To Sell Your Home For More'. I made sure everything from my marketing, right to my listing presentation, reinforced the same message: I was very, very good at achieving amazing selling results for my clients.

Then, based on my visible success and rapid growth, other agents started to reach out and ask if they could copy my marketing ideas and boom, Bestagents was born!

Today I get the opportunity to work with an amazing bunch of dedicated men and women helping their clients achieve top market results, and delivering a fabulous real estate experience.

Along the way, I co-founded LockedOn, an Australian based real estate CRM and Jigglar, an online design platform for the real estate industry globally.

The launch of RealAds as a dedicated digital marketing agency is my personal marketing vehicle to work with agents looking to expand their digital marketing footprint with the very best technology and client-winning content.

I LOVE marketing and helping agents we work with beat their competition. I think about it 7 days a week and I’m always up for a fresh idea to gain a marketing edge.

There are plenty of agents out there in Real estate land but not a lot of great marketers.

Let's talk about partnering to set you and your brand above the crowd with better systems, automation, strategies and support.

Are you ready to slash your monthly costs and triple your marketing power?

In real estate, our most valuable resource is time. Top agents simply leverage their time better with task priority, systems and automation. The RealAds Marketing Hub delivers agents a fully customized, all-in-one solution built to capture, nurture and convert more seller leads on autopilot so you spend less time prospecting and more time listing and selling.

Reach out and let us know how we can help...


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